Serving as a reflection of clarity, healing and truth.
Elevation requires a new level of adaptation.
You are the healer, I choose to serve as a guide through the process.
— Dr. Crystal Jones

I view it as an honor when anyone chooses to allow me to hold space for their healing process. Chiropractic soul sessions were created with the intention of facilitating optimal levels of expression through your being on spiritual, emotional, biochemical and physical levels, thus the entire universe. You see, I experience this truth that life is all about adaptation and integration. We integrate through our nervous system. When our bodies reject or have a hard time integrating a certain level of elevation, our system expresses subluxation. When we are subluxated, our lifeforce [prana, ki] is compromised and the effect is an alteration in global tone, rhythm, and function. And since we are all one, this alters the tone and rhythm of the entire universe. 

Studying eastern and western spiritual systems, practices and modalities, I've learned to listen to the body and respond effectively with what she is asking for. I make it clear that I DO NOT heal the body. I choose not to take that power away from you. So we sit down and understand the language together. We facilitate the process, and we heal. 

The first visit is a bit longer than the follow up sessions. I ask two of the most important questions and we allow the healing process to evolve as her integrity allows.  Your body dictates the flow. I follow the breath, she leads the way.

You are here for a reason. All things in divine timing. And when you are ready, I'll be happy to serve as one of your guides. 

*The chiropractic portion of this experience is only available in Georgia. All other modalities are available globally