On this path of truth, I meet so many women that are ready to embrace all that life has to offer. This practice travels me all over the world as I curate these healing experiences in intimate settings with those that join me on this path. My path merges with the executives, the healing facilitators, the perfectionists, the mothers, and the free spirited daughters. From birth until transition during this lifetime, we heal together-until our paths diverge.

As our paths meet, there are four ways in which I choose to serve as a guide. After an experience, I will extend the invitation for you to become a private client for follow up sessions and doula services.

One on One Healing Experience

No matter where you are located in the world, I come to you. And we work. And we heal together embracing all of the shadows while exploring the light in perfect duality-and all of the shades of gray in between. We work through the trauma of destructive cellular patterns while exploring the dynamic beauty of all that surrounds us. We dance through the bodywork of meditation, breathwork and embodied movement, both guided and free to release what no longer serves highest good on physical, emotional, biochemical and spiritual levels . Let's not forget the great nourishment and intentional rest throughout the process.

Focus: Clarity - Foundational Healing - Evolutionary Truth.

Our paths have met. Are you ready? I serve as a guide. You are the healer.

Investment includes travel, bodywork, lodging, meals and gifts

Private Group Healing Experience

The private group healing experience is designed for families and friends that have become families to experience the one on one healing experience in a group setting. Enjoy an overnight experience.

Investment includes travel, bodywork, lodging and meals and gifts

Virtual Healing Experience

The same intensive work can be done virtually in a four hour session dedicated to moving through identical pillars with breaks for breathwork and meditation.

Investment includes virtual session 

Solstice/Equinox Soul Sessions

At the beginning of each season, I take on ten new private clients through these soul sessions. The list becomes available three months ahead of time to allow for travel and other preparation.

In these sessions, I work with women who choose to move forward with specific intention in alignment with the universal shift of the season. These sessions are currently held in Atlanta and are limited to the first fifteen participants. This two hour workshop is dedicated to delving deep into vulnerability with specific intention focused on reclaiming our power and choosing the next page of the healing process. We experience sound healing, embodied movement, bodywork, curated discussion, energy releases + more. 

*This is open to current private clients at a highly discounted rate.

          Investment $200 Next date March 26, 2017