Dr. Crystal Jones is one who is in direct alignment. Coupling her extensive awareness of the human with her intuitive knowledge of Divine Law, Dr. Jones exudes a brilliant healing light in her presence alone.
— RM

We meet during this beautiful human experience always at the perfect time and place to move forward in the direction that we desire. Most people meet me as they are powering through destructive cycles and trying so very hard just heal. What if I told you that you didn't have to power through? What if I told you that healing is a process and that this human experience is just that, the process? What if I told you that most commonly, the process is becoming fluent in the language of the body? In essence, I provide wise counsel as a guide with those that are looking to experience life rather than struggle to fight through. We sit together and connect and move through the experience together with the fundamental practice being becoming aware of the language, embracing the shadows and curating the narrative that is congruent with the elevation that you desire.