The Concept of Gratitude - (and tips on maintaining the practice).

Staying in a constant state of gratitude is expressing the awareness that all of the CORE desires of your heart are already in motion. This state of gratitude is allowing yourself to stay in the present instead of reaching ahead to control an outcome OR reaching behind in self-pity completely unaware of the perfection of your foundation (no matter what that looks like). Gratitude is saying thank you. Gratitude does not take the time to analyze what appears to be a storm or struggle, rather, gratitude is the experience in thanks for the collateral beauty.


Daily, often moment by moment, I am asked to define myself. I am asked this through a series of questions. And while I have the awareness that many people want to find a way to relate, I am also in the awareness that many people ask because titles give definitions - and well, it's just easier to label people in categories. 


Today was a group meditation for one of the companies that I curate with. You know, typically, 10-15 people find time on any given session to stop and focus on their breathing. But today there was just one. And a man at that. And we flowed with it.