Our paths meet and together we heal

through birth, 

through healing, 

and through transition

until our paths diverge for highest good.


When the woman reclaims her power, she begins to fully create her life. As a collective, our ability to choose is directly correlated to our awareness of personal power. When we begin to place intention on our choices, we utilize our freedom to be one with all.

Healing is the journey. The Source is within and simply asks for you to trust. We are here, together,  on purpose.

My Journey

I was an achiever. I had everything. Let me correct that statement, I had everything except a core awareness of who I was on a fundamental level. Without this awareness, I took on the ideas and projections of others and achieved that.  After years of searching for the validity of excellence and perfection through education, career, food and relationships, I began being that excellence (rather than working so hard to achieve it). As I practiced being that excellence, being clear about my intentions and choosing to heal at a foundational level, I began to experience life and the beauty of how truth evolved through those experiences. I found that my battles with substance abuse, suicide, anger, depression, etc. stemmed from internal truths that did not serve the highest good of anyone. Through the process of evolving those truths and openly experiencing the duality of life from a nonjudgemental space, I stopped fearing the death that I looked to as punishment and began to live through the edge. Through my experiences, I dedicated my life path to serving as a reflection of intense clarity, foundational healing and the evolution of personal truth.

It was from this place that I choose to operate as guide with people into their own truths by holding space for the integrity of healing and bodywork. And while there is a lot of work in removing interferences and destructive cellular patterns on a physical level, there’s no greater experience than discovering truth and deciding to acknowledge her excellence on a daily basis as she evolves with you. 

While licensed in many modalities, I am a firm believer that the work must to be done within first. So that's where we go.

Are you ready to experience the shadows as we bask in the beauty of how the light shines in her space?

Degrees, Licenses and Certifications: Doctor of Chiropractic, Holistic Doula, Holistic Health Counseling, Reiki, Energy Healing, Nutrition